When Your Pool Pumps Fails, What Is Your First Reaction?

Do you yell in frustration at the top of your lungs?

Do you blankly stare at your pool for a while then start checking your credit card balances?

No matter what you feel, there will be one day you’ll come to the conclusion that you’ll have to buy a new pool pump.

And there is nothing worse than forking over your hard-earned money for something that previously made noise all day and night.

And when your pool pump fails, they pressure is on. Because the water is no longer running through the filter. This means that it wont take long for bacteria and algae to start building up.

You can temporarily add more chlorine, but it will only do so much.

And pools with excessive chlorine give off an odor. Combine the odor with Hervey Bay’s excessive heat, and you won’t want to open the windows in your home to prevent the smell from coming inside. You cant drain and fill the pool because you’ll only damage the pool. And having an empty pool is a major hazard.

You have 3 options, Fix your old pump, purchase a replacement pump, or purchase an energy saving pump.

No matter what your options, you’ll have to sort out your pool pump as soon as possible. But brand new pool pumps are expensive. A basic pump can cost more than $500 dollars, depending on how big your pool is.

Before you begin panicking and diving under the couch to search for loose change, the technicians of Pool Care Pros need to tell a secret. A secret that will save you a lot of money.

Are you ready?

The secret is: Pool Pumps are Repairable.

Many people don’t know that you can replace almost any part in your pool’s pump. Manufacturers make it difficult for pool owners to repair their pumps because installing a new pump brings in more money and more sales. You or a technician, with a little time and patience, can fix the vast majority of problems that happen to pool pumps. It will require some problem solving on your part, but you will save at least an entire paycheck’s worth of money if you diy’d it in a few hours.

As you read this, you may think to yourself:

Buying a new part instead of buying a new pool pump sounds great, but I still don’t know how to repair it. I will need to figure out what is wrong or broken, take down the part online, wait for it to arrive, and replace and assemble it! I don’t want to break something else or install a part incorrectly! What if I take it apart, put it back together, and it doesn’t work? Then i’ll be out of even more money and wasted my time!

We here at Pool Care Pros understand your worries and concerns.

We will gladly help you identify the problem and repair your pump. As pool care professionals, we have years of experience diagnosing pool pump problems and repairing pumps in our workshop. There isn’t a problem we have not encountered before. You’ll be in good hands! So call us now to schedule an appointment! You will be satisfied with our work or your money back!

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