Emaux Spa Jet – Swirl/Directional


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NOTE : Jet Nozzle positions in photo – Jet can be set as rotating or directional Used by many local manufacturers Copy of American Products Luxury Swirl Jet Internal – DOES NOT RETROFIT Easily identified by the scallop in the jet nozzle ‘shark fin’ This jet internal is marginally larger diameter than the American Products original used in Monarch and many other spas ENSURE YOU ORDER CORRECTLY – ring or email if you are unsure 15 scallops around the face Diameter of jet face is 89mm Diameter of barrel at extreme rear is 43.77mm and the diameter of the sleeve behing the face is 53mm.The barrel diameters are different to American Products jets. These jets will slip inside the body of an AP jet but will be loose and not seal water from air resulting in leaking air venturi controls and lack of pressure. On the other hand an AP jet will not fit inside the body of this universal jet